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Frequently asked questions

What makes PLABverse unique?

- PLABverse offers the most organized notes that can help you prepare systemically for the PLAB 1 exam. We've managed to gain the trust of many PLAB takers after very positive feedbacks by successful candidates. 


How can I trust PLABverse?

- PLABverse notes are continuously updated with the recent guidelines as well as recent questions in the form of tips, notes, and clinchers.

- We focus on subjects that are mentioned in the PLAB blueprint provided by the GMC as well as high yield topics that are favored by the PLAB examiners, hence giving you the best opportunity to pass on your first attempt. Our notes are based on many reliable sources such as but not limited to NICE guidelines, the CKS, NHS website, and

How to use PLABverse?

- It's advised to go through the notes first then using question banks for applying. 

- Spaced repetition is a key to retain what you've studied. Remember checking the notes occasionally.


Do you offer a question bank?

- PLABverse only offers study notes to help you prepare for PLAB 1 exam. Unfortunately, we don't offer a question bank, however, we always add recent recalls to our notes in the form of new topics.


How often do you update your material?

- At PLABverse, we always do our best to stay updated with recent guidelines and new recalls. As a subscriber, you would expect new topics and recent recalls to be added repeatedly.

What payment methods do you accept?

- We do accept all credit/debit cards as well as PayPal. If you have a problem purchasing, you can always reach out to us to find an alternative.

I already subscribed but still not getting access to the notes!

- It might take minutes until you gain access for the first time because we have to grant access for new subscribers manually. If it takes longer, please request access.

Why does it says that the file is in the owner's trash when I open a certain chapter?

- We always update the existing files to add new information or to update data. In this case, we delete the old files and upload new ones. Hence, it appears to you as “deleted” or “moved to the owner’s trash”. .

- To solve this, you can reload the webpage in order to refresh the new files. In case the issue persists, try to sign out, and then sign in again.

Will my subscription be renewed automatically? 

- Our plans can be purchased through a one-time payment and will not be renewed automatically. Nevertheless, you will be alerted when your plan is about to expire.

How can I renew my subscription?

- All you have to do is to visit "Plans & Pricing" and choose your preferred plan. Once you complete the payment process, your subscription will be renewed automatically. 


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